Podcast | Published June 20, 2016

Innovation in the Medicare Advantage Space

Marketing the Over 65 (O65) market often leads to staid, traditional approaches that may not prove efficient or successful for carriers. Innovating within the space can be a challenge, but it’s possible.

We recently welcomed John Selby, Principal of the SelbyAdvisors, to our podcast. John has extensive expertise and more than 30 years of experience in government programs like Medicare Advantage/Part D and the health insurance exchange.

  • MA market changes and trends, and the impact they have on carriers on general (0:03:52)
  • Why few people switch MA plans (0:05:20)
  • Acquisition strategies for MA plans (0:07:15)
  • Innovation challenges within the space (0:07:53)
  • Finding success with MA products (0:10:53)
  • Who’s doing MA well (0:13:00)
  • The tipping point for profit in the U65 market (0:19:50)
  • Understanding the lifetime value of your members (0:25:40)

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