Point Of View | Published May 12, 2016

Why Meers is SOC 2 Compliant

By: Sam Meers
Chief Executive Officer

Understanding the world in which our clients work is a key aspect of a successful business relationship. It’s imperative we have a working knowledge of client systems, their data security protocols and the business rules they follow. With that understanding, we are far better prepared to help them reach their marketing and business goals.

When we narrowed our focus to work in the health insurance and financial services categories, we knew we would likely work with client data that would be considered protected health information (PHI). Many of our digital, broadcast and postal mail programs require member data on both the front end for effective delivery and the back end for tracking, optimization and measurement. Therefore, we made the decision to invest significantly to put Service Organization Control Type 2 (SOC 2) controls in place throughout the agency.

SOC 2 compliance provides an industry benchmark for control assurance. The protocols we adhere to are designed to protect client data, thereby providing confidence that data is secure when shared with Meers. Our annual SOC 2 audit provides our clients’ procurement teams with an attestation of our controls. The audit provides independent verification that Meers and our clients’ data are not being compromised.

SOC 2 compliance gives Meers a competitive advantage over marketing agencies that do not have a data security designation. We are committed to the health insurance and financial services categories, and understand the data security pressures our clients face. A data breach is not only a large financial burden, but experiencing one erodes trust with your members and the public in general.

As your marketing agency, we must do everything we can to protect your data. Data security through SOC 2 controls is another significant benefit of working with Meers.

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