Our Story

Insurance and financial services have come a long way since 1999. That’s when we began working with our first health insurance carrier. Back then, we had no idea how much the category would change. Little did we know our experience was sharpening our skills for the advent of the Affordable Care Act and the challenge of consumer-driven health care.

The financial services category has seen just as much change. Who would have guessed so many financial services options would emerge over the years for consumers? Sparking new ideas for connecting consumers with financial brands has become a way of life for us at Meers. It shapes our thinking every day against a backdrop of evolving security regulations that pose marketing challenges few could have anticipated.


We understand the confusion people face when navigating these complicated categories.

Whether they’re buying insurance to safeguard the ones they love, trying to find a bank they can feel good about, or connecting with an investment brand that shares their goals for the future, we inspire consumers to make smart decisions to protect what matters most.

Meers has one of the most seasoned teams specializing in insurance and financial services. We carefully select people who are driven to help our clients do more with marketing. We look for what hasn’t been found and try what hasn’t been tried.