Most agencies will work for anyone. Not us.
We only work for money.

That’s because we specialize in brands that protect the financial security of everyday people. Brands in categories like insurance and financial services, to put a fine point on it.

At Meers, we know how to connect these brands to their customers, even the elusive ones. Once we make the introduction, we are pretty amazing at nurturing the relationship. You see, having done this for more than two decades, we’ve earned our stripes as experts who strategically increase customer acquisition and retention.

How? By the innovative leveraging of research, advanced media data, lead generation tools, campaign generated analytics and sales data to produce engaging segmented messages delivered through the most effective media channels.

That’s what we do.
And we can do it for you.


Corporate speak and vaguery leads to a lot of work that’s uninspiring and uninteresting, and ultimately doesn’t drive leads or sales. Which is crazy, considering that across all types of insurance, the average Joe or Jane is just looking for someone to tell them what to do and where to start. And you know what? So are most clients.

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We’re talking about money here. People are very sensitive about how they spend their money, where they put it, who touches it and who decides what happens to it. Consumers aren’t going to hand their nest egg over to just anyone. People will only do business with you if they trust you, and furthermore, like you. People don’t want to do business with an institution. They want to do business with people.

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Principals with principles.

Our executive team is made up of excellent leaders and marketing innovators in the insurance and financial services industries. Plus, they’re just really great people. Read their individual stories.